Providing a Flexible Working Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Chefs Without the Substantial Investment

We know you want to conveniently utilize our facility as you would one you use exclusively. We've designed a system where you are able to:

  • Conveniently bring in and securely store food supplies when you aren't using the facility but easily accessible when you are using the kitchen.
  • Not be assigned health code violations for other company infractions.

Our Storage System:

  • Dry Storage
    • We have 3’x 3’x 8' lockable mesh storage cages. These are flexible for your needs; roll in your own speed rack, add your own shelves; you choose! (shelving not included)
    • With a minimum of 60 prepaid hours/month, we have lockable mesh storage cage rooms (~9'x 6'x 8'). (Shelving is not included).
  • Cold Storage
    • Walk-in refrigerater and walk-in freezer storage is available while you're using the kitchen.
    • Overnight cold storage is available with "boxes" - lockable enclosed rolling racks. These can be divide with your own sheet pans (holds 40), your own bus tubs; you choose! (Shelving is not included)

Cold Storage Dry Storage - 3
Cold Storage Dry Storage

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