Providing a Flexible Working Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Chefs Without the Substantial Investment

The kitchen is designed for scheduling a workstation, not scheduling the whole kitchen. You schedule a
workstation(s) and share other kitchen facilities:


The general types of workstations available to schedule are described below:

  • Cooking Workstations - The configuration of a standard cooking workstation includes a 6’ table and 6-burner range. Some locations may have other equipment included.

  • Prep workstations - To help reduce costs, we provide a prep workstation that includes a 6’ table.

  • See Specific Workstations for exact configuration and number of workstations.

Most other items in the kitchen are shared with other users in the kitchen. These items include:

  • Shared Equipment and Facilities* (pics)
    • Walk-in Refrigerator (12'x 20')
    • Walk-in Freezer (6'x 12')
    • 3-compartment warewash sink
    • Prep sink
    • Hand sink
    • Pots & pans (small selection of standard sizes)
    • 5-quart, 20-quart, 80-quart standing mixers
    • Microwave oven
    • Restroom
  • * Kitchen user coordination is required when multiple users are scheduled at the same time to ensure no cross contamination and health department food safety requirements are met.

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